Art Membership at 4 Elements Studio

Vartans studio Robert Jan 2018

In partnership with 4 Elements Studio, there is a new and unique opportunity for agency artists to take their skills to the next level. Through a joint collaboraton, Upstate Cerebral Palsy artists have the opportunity to become a member of 4 Elements Studio, located at 730 Broadway  in Utica. Artists will be able  to work within the art community and be inspired by resident artists, while sharing their inspiration with others.  According to Susan Macrina, Recreation Specialist at Upstate Cerebral Palsy, “our artists will learn life skills through their art process, experiencing a natural way to express themselves through the venue of their art. This collaboration will be a wonderful next step in the evolution of our art program and tremendous resource to our artists.” For more detailed information about classes, contact Sue Macrina at or 315-941-4783 or Vartan Poghosian at or 315.765.6923.

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