Caregivers need and desire breaks from caring for their loved ones with differing abilities.  Upstate Caring Partners offers Respite services to provide relief to primary caregivers for individuals who cannot be left unsupervised for any length of time. Each individual enrolled in this program receives an allowance of hours which can be used by the caregiver for any reason. During In-Home Respite, a specially trained staff member spends time with a person in their own home. People spend time at home playing games, doing art projects, watching movies, or other activities they enjoy. Respite provides caregivers free time to go shopping, run errands or have a little “down time,” while giving the person a chance to relax and enjoy time with their Upstate Caring Partners staff person.

Mental health Respite living opportunities are also available for people in need. Please click here for more information.

For more information regarding Respite Services please contact us at (315) 725-3325 

Self Direction

People choosing services from Upstate Caring Partners have unique interests, hobbies, and preferences. The goal of Self Direction services is to offer greater independence by creating a unique and individualized service plan. Self-Direction affords the opportunity for flexibility in choosing goals, schedules, activities, and staff based on an individual’s preferences. Services are based on an annual budget that each individual controls. Our planning teams can assist with the self-hiring of direct care staff or individuals can access Upstate Caring Partners supported services for Respite, Community Habilitation, and employment.  The program empowers individuals to choose the mix of supports and services that work best, how and when they are provided, and the staff.

For more information about self-direction, please contact us at (315) 749-3341 

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