Louis B. Tehan Announces Retirement After Nearly Four Decades of Service: Geno DeCondo Appointed to Executive Director Effective May 1, 2018

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After nearly 40 years as President and CEO of Upstate Cerebral Palsy, Louis B. Tehan announced his retirement on May 1, 2018. Upon Mr. Tehan’s retirement, Geno DeCondo, current Chief Operating Officer of Upstate Cerebral Palsy, assumed leadership of the agency as Executive Director.

A native of Utica, Mr. Tehan joined Upstate Cerebral Palsy (formerly United Cerebral Palsy) as Executive Director in 1979. At that time, the agency had a budget of $1 million with one building serving 450 individuals. Over the course of the next four decades, recognizing the need to serve people within their communities with more personalized and focused care, Mr. Tehan paved the way for the rapid acquisition of new buildings and treatment sites, as well as the development of new programs tailored to meet the needs of children, adults and their families across New York State.

With its first residence opening in 1986, the agency has since opened more than 50 additional sites for children and adults across 7 counties and expanded services to offer medical, behavioral, and emotional or physical supports centered on the needs of the individual person. ​Mr. Tehan has been the voice for thousands of people with differing abilities who were unable to speak or advocate for their needs. Throughout his tenure, he has tirelessly advocated for increased supports for the people who receive Upstate Cerebral Palsy’s services, including comfortable and home-like residential options, paid work opportunities, family support options to help family members cope with caring for a loved one with a disability, recreation opportunities and other life-enhancing programs and services to ensure that people with disabilities are treated with dignity and able to reach their fullest potential. He also has lobbied for and is committed to supporting staff through increased wages for direct support workers – those who are on the front lines each day caring for the people we support on a one-on-one basis.  

“While I’ve learned many things over the past 39 years, I believe the most important lessons have come from the courageous pioneers that started our agency, as well as the committed board members, senior administrative staff who are second to none in our field, and the thousands of staff at all levels providing direct care services that are simply amazing and the backbone of our agency,” said Tehan. “Our agency has matured as the leader of quality, individually based innovative services, and it is our honor and privilege to serve every person as if he or she were the only person receiving those services – for this I am so proud.”

Geno DeCondo Appointed to Executive Director, Upstate Cerebral Palsy

Mr. DeCondo began his career with Upstate Cerebral Palsy in 2008 as the Executive Vice President and later was named Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer in November of 2016.  Through his diligent attention to the fiscal environment at the local and state level and within the agency, DeCondo has navigated between the complex funding streams for people with differing abilities. In addition to handling an extensive budget across multiple affiliate agencies, he was Executive Director of Mohawk Valley Handicapped Services, Inc., an affiliate that served as a holding corporation for many Upstate Cerebral Palsy facilities. During his tenure, DeCondo also served as a shared Executive Director of affiliate agency, the E. John Gavras Center in Auburn, NY.

“I am pleased and encouraged to announce the Board of Directors has approved Mr. DeCondo as the Upstate Cerebral Palsy Executive Director, effective May 1st, 2018,” said Mr. Tehan. “I’m sure you will find Geno’s steadfast leadership and drive for the highest level of quality measurable services to be the continued hallmark of our great organization.”

Upstate Cerebral Palsy Board President Andrew Ward says, “I am confident that Mr. DeCondo will continue Mr. Tehan’s legacy of compassion, dedication and advocacy to the people we support, proving a tremendous leader propelling the agency into a promising and exciting future of providing exceptional services to our community and beyond.”

Upstate Caring Partners Parent Corporation

Due to the vast expansion that has taken place over the past four decades, the Upstate Caring Partners Parent Corporation was formed 7 years ago.  The corporation, under the leadership of Mr. Tehan, provides guidance to and oversight of Upstate Cerebral Palsy and 11 affiliate agencies across New York State within 39 counties, further expanding the range of services and supports to better and more efficiently serve the needs of people of all abilities. Mr. Tehan will remain as the President and CEO of this parent corporation, continuing his legacy of advocating for and supporting thousands of children, adults and their families.

About Upstate Cerebral Palsy

Upstate Cerebral Palsy provides programs and services to thousands of children and adults with differing abilities and their families. As the largest human services provider in central New York, the agency employs more than 2000 staff at over 80 locations, remaining committed to empowering people through exceptional opportunities.

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