Family Court Judge Randal Caldwell Tours Community Health and Behavioral Services

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Family Court Judge Randal Caldwell recently visited the Upstate Cerebral Palsy Community Health and Behavioral Services (CHBS) clinic and the CHBS Children’s clinic, located respectfully at 1427 and 1411 Genesee Street in Utica. The Judge toured these facilities, learning about the services that are provided for adults, children and families in the community. Community Health & Behavioral Services Clinic is a licensed facility offering specialty and behavioral healthcare services to individuals of all ages at various locations throughout the Mohawk Valley.  The Children’s Clinic is specifically designed to treat the special needs of children in a supportive and caring environment. This clinic provides psychiatric diagnostics, consultation, psychological testing, individual therapy, play therapy and medication management for children ages 4 through 17.  For more information on either clinic please contact (315) 798-8868.

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