Boilermaker is Only One Month Away!

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The Boilermaker 5K is only about a month away, and the team has a lot of exciting updates!

Training has been progressing quickly, and with multiple weeks still remaining before race day, the team is already up to 2.7 miles. Our most recent run was undoubtedly the most encouraging one yet. Our staff and students pushed through the distance and 78-degree heat to complete a run that was longer than anything they had accomplished all year, and they were helped by the support of some student and staff volunteers cheering for them as the team finished each lap. This school has the most supportive cast anyone could ask for, and the encouragement makes it possible for these students to finish their runs.

One of the greatest challenges in organizing this training has been trying to figure out how to best prepare our students for the Boilermaker atmosphere. Recently, some of our students and staff who do not participate as runners have been generous enough to hand out cups of water to the team along the course of their runs. These efforts are pivotal in creating an environment that simulates the experiences that the students will have during the actual race in July.

The Boilermaker organization has also helped us immensely in giving our students a complete Boilermaker experience. On Monday, June 10th, our team had the opportunity to visit the Boilermaker headquarters on Court Street. Our students were beyond excited for the trip, and President Mark Donovan was kind enough to give the team an idea of what this race is all about. They saw photographs of past Boilermakers, watched video footage of last year’s race, and had the opportunity to talk to Mark Donovan and ask him questions about the event. They even got a couple of Boilermaker souvenirs, and were excited to take a walk around the finish line area. We can’t thank Mark Donovan enough, as well as the rest of his crew!

On Sunday, June 9th, two of our students participated in the Everyone Can Play race event at Sherrill Brook Park in New Hartford. The event offers a half-mile race, a mile race, and a 5K. One of our students participated in the mile, and Timothy (one of our Boilermaker team members) ran the full 5K. The event is organized by Erik Winberg, and was an absolute blast. It was well-organized, entirely inclusive, and all about positivity. A huge thank you goes out to Erik and his team for putting together an event that proved to be unforgettable for our students.

I want to take a moment to give a shout-out to our amazing sponsors. Recently, we received a generous shipment of sports drinks, water bottles, and nutritious snacks from Chanatry’s Supermarket. Our training runs are increasing in distance and having the proper fuel for these workouts is vital. The generosity of Mark Chanatry, Steve Brooks, and the rest of the Chanatry’s crew has been overwhelming. Additionally, the team’s shoes from The Sneaker Store have held up remarkably, and the students are cool and comfortable during their training. On training days, one student’s favorite part is lacing up his own individualized sneakers. Finally, our agency is now the proud owner of a Hoyt Running Chair. This chair allows us to include students in our running program who would otherwise be limited by their physical conditions. The chair is extremely durable with a very simple and stable design. Without the help of these organizations we would not be able to make that final push to the Boilermaker 5K. You can find links to all three of these wonderful and supportive organizations below.

The Boilermaker is truly an incredible event, and we simply can’t wait to watch our students participate in it. The experience up to this point has been something special, and we know that the best is yet to come. Thank you to all who have supported us thus far—we would not be where we are without you!

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