Youth Residential

Our Children’s Residential Program (CRP), approved by the New York State Education Department and licensed by the NYS Office for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD), is for children who are no longer able to permanently live in their homes. Working in conjunction with the education staff and a child’s family, the residential staff at Tradewinds provide a nurturing and loving home-like environment for children, where they can grow and thrive. Residences are staffed by counselors, recreation specialists, nurses, and behavior specialists.

Children living in our residences enjoy leisure time activities typical of any other child. From bike riding to eating popcorn and playing video games, these children enjoy evenings in their homes that provide relaxation in a structured setting. Staff provide activities appropriate to individual skill levels, while meal times provide opportunities for sharing among their “family” members. Within this environment, children learn self-care, social, communication, and leisure skills.

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Adult Residential

At Upstate Caring Partners, we offer individuals several residential options in a caring and supportive environment. We have a number of living alternatives in both certified (Individualized Residential Alternatives-IRA and Intermediate Care Facilities-ICF) and non-certified settings (apartments and houses that are not regulated by the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities-OPWDD).

Residential options include:

  • Certified IRAs and ICF’s located across Oneida, Madison, Herkimer, and Lewis Counties.  These homes are certified by OPWDD and support between four to twelve people depending on the residence.
  • Non-Certified Homes and apartments where people can live with friends or family members. The Upstate Caring Partners Self Direction team will work with individuals to explore housing options in a location they desire or to arrange support so they can continue to live in their own home with their family.

All residential options provide a caring atmosphere that celebrates each individual’s unique style and personality and supports them in obtaining life goals, hopes, and dreams. Residents have opportunities for social interaction with peers while being guided and mentored by direct support professionals. Assistance is given to help and support people to live as independently as possible and to enhance the skills necessary to perform daily activities. This includes personal care, grooming, household chores, cooking, communication skills, social skills, and involvement in the community. If a person has significant medical conditions or behavioral challenges, we have staff with specialized training who can support those needs.

We are committed to supporting people across their lifespan in the type of residential setting they choose.  Our goal in providing residential options is to empower individuals of all abilities to reach their fullest potential.

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For more information on adult residential services, please contact us at (315) 724-6907 ext 2064

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