Over the past 74 years, our agency has grown from an initial focus on meeting the needs of an underserved group of children with a single primary developmental disabilities diagnosis to become the leader in Special Education, Residential and Community services as well as Behavioral Health for people in Central New York and beyond.

Over the past 5 years, Upstate Caring Partners has invested in transitioning its education and group home services to a robust clinical model focused on implementation of current evidence-based practices grounded in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) principles. Our clinicians work collaboratively with national experts in the ABA field and are implementing strategies to assist each individual we serve in gaining the skills they need to live their lives in a “Happy. Relaxed. Engaged.” (HRE) manner. We’ve seen significant progress and improvement in communication skills, food selectivity, and self-regulation of challenging behaviors.

Upstate Caring Partners has also invested in building an applied clinical research program that focuses on evidence-based practices that positively impact individuals with profound autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. The marriage of an emerging applied research program along with a historically strong and growing clinical team and culture empowers Upstate Caring Partners to work with individuals with the most challenging behaviors. Where traditional centers of research at universities are limited to laboratories and clinics, Upstate Caring Partners schools, residences, staff and family relationships enable us to develop treatments that are effective in the settings that are applicable to and enabling of a more independent lifestyle.




Since the time it was founded as Upstate Cerebral Palsy in 1950, Upstate Caring Partners has demonstrated a proven track record of developing and operating programs tailored to address the unique needs of a broad cross-section of populations.


A Strong Presence In The Community

A Strong Presence In The Community Upstate Caring Partners has a strong presence in our Central New York community. The community connections that the individuals supported by the agency make…

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Upstate Caring Partners today has over 1,700 employees at 74 locations and is an organization dedicated to “Empowering People.”

From serving the first seven children with Cerebral Palsy in 1950 to the thousands of people it serves today, Upstate Caring Partners has remained focused on its initial purpose: providing support to people with differing abilities. It has grown into a comprehensive system of programs and services focused on meeting a variety of needs for people of all ages, empowering people each day!

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