In over 70 years of being known, our agency has grown from an initial focus on meeting the needs of an underserved group of children with a single primary developmental disabilities diagnosis to become the leader in Special Education, Residential and Community services as well as Behavioral Health for people in
Central New York and beyond.

As 2023 begins, we are transitioning to now be known as “Upstate Caring Partners” to better reflect the diversity of the programs that we currently offer and the individuals whose lives are impacted by our services and their supportive family members, as well as to reflect the collective contributions of our dedicated staff across the agency, our board members and our community partners who each have a vital role in providing quality outcomes for the people we serve. It is truly through the collaboration and partnership of all involved that we are able to offer tremendous opportunities for individuals to fulfill their life choices, dreams, and aspirations which are core to our mission.

Upstate Caring Partners will continue our tradition of innovation in delivering services through evidence-based program models and remains committed to seeking ways to develop services that meet emerging needs in our community. Although the human services industry as a whole is facing unprecedented challenges, Upstate Caring Partners is uniquely positioned to respond to systems transformation as we affirm our agency as the premier human services organization in Central New York.



Since the time it was founded as Upstate Cerebral Palsy in 1950, Upstate Caring Partners has demonstrated a proven track record of developing and operating programs tailored to address the unique needs of a broad cross-section of populations.


A Strong Presence In The Community

A Strong Presence In The Community Upstate Caring Partners has a strong presence in our Central New York community. The community connections that the individuals supported by the agency make…

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Upstate Caring Partners today has over 1,600 employees at 74 locations and is an organization dedicated to “Empowering People.”

From serving the first seven children with Cerebral Palsy in 1950 to the thousands of people it serves today, Upstate Caring Partners has remained focused on its initial purpose: providing support to people with differing abilities. It has grown into a comprehensive system of programs and services focused on meeting a variety of needs for people of all ages, empowering people each day!

Board of Directors

Patrick Brennan


Carol Turi

1st Vice President

Dean Kelly

2nd Vice President

Ralph Imundo


Brant Ford


Philip Sbarra

Assistant Treasurer

Gene Falvo

Immediate Past President

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