Student Spotlight: Timothy

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Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Exercise Song: “Jackie Chan” (Tiesto & Dzeko ft. Preme & Post Malone)
Running Shoes: Saucony Guide Iso 2—Black/Grey with Coral accents
Favorite Post-Running Snack: Apples, Raisins, and Shortbread Cookies

If you walk through the halls of Tradewinds Education Center in Chadwicks at 2 pm, chances are pretty high that you will hear Timothy practicing his organ music on the school’s digital keyboard. If you were fortunate enough to participate in the school’s recent Pasta Dinner fundraiser, a large portion of your food was sliced, prepared, or cooked by Timothy. If you head to one of many different local restaurants for your weekday lunch break, you very well might see Timothy in his blue work shirt in the kitchen, helping the staff to prepare for their lunch rush. And finally, if you come out to cheer on our Boilermaker team on July 14th, Timothy will undoubtedly be cheering on his fellow teammates while running alongside them!

“I could not exercise for a few weeks because of my pneumonia,” explains Timothy. “Now, I’m healthy once again, and I’m very happy about it. Running makes me feel good, especially when it’s with a group of friends.”

The enthusiasm with which Timothy approaches every aspect of his days at school is astounding, which makes it no surprise that Timothy has been one of the most eager members of the team since the very beginning. Not only is he extremely dedicated to his academic and vocational work, he also shines in areas like physical education class, food service, and art classes.

“Timothy is an amazing young man with a vast array of talents,” says Anne Sahm, Timothy’s teacher. “His enthusiasm for learning and working goes beyond anything I have seen in my 6 years here at Chadwicks. Timothy seeks out new learning opportunities every day. There is no limit to his potential—he is an extraordinary individual!”

Having never run the Boilermaker before, Timothy knows there is a lot to be excited about. And while he is really looking forward to race day, he is enjoying the full experience.

“Hmm…it’s difficult to choose my favorite part,” says Timothy. “I like the music we listen to, the exercise, my teammates—all of it is great.”

The excitement surrounding Boilermaker weekend is unlike anything else. This journey has already been extremely beneficial for Timothy, always excited about the group’s upcoming runs. People like Timothy are the heart of this endeavor and his attitude and work ethic are what makes this training so wonderful.

Everyone who runs the Boilermaker has a different story and a different goal. When asked what his goal was, there was no hesitation from Timothy. “I want to finish the Boilermaker alongside my team, and have a great time doing it!”

Interested in supporting our cause and helping to provide funding for more physical fitness initiatives? You can join our Fundraising Team! If you’re running the Boilermaker and would like to fundraise on our behalf, you can create a page to share with your family and friends. Or, you can make a donation to our fundraising campaign. Both can easily be done right here:



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