Executive Director

Geno DeCondo

As Louis B. Tehan makes his transition to focus his efforts now fully on our Parent Organization, I am truly humbled to assume the lead position for Upstate Cerebral Palsy. I have had the privilege during the past ten years to work with and learn from Lou directly, who is undoubtedly a once-in-a-generation leader.

He has brought the agency from the basement of an elementary school, to the leader of services for people with differing abilities in central New York and beyond. It is hard to imagine that even the founders of our great agency, with all of their hopes and dreams for their family members, could have foreseen the impact the agency has had over the years on so many people and families.

The agency, and our industry, are facing times of unprecedented change. These changes have challenged every human service organization. While others have been deterred and have retreated, we have been able to find innovative ways to provide services against ever-growing needs, while navigating a system ill-prepared to handle the demand. Upstate Cerebral Palsy will continue to enhance its services, and despite the obstacles it faces, is committed to continue as a market leader.

We have assembled an impressive group of professionals who work together on a daily basis to ensure that each person we support is able to reach his or her fullest potential. Our dedicated staff across the agency, board members and community partners are all driven to provide quality outcomes for the people we serve. This group, in conjunction with families, have provided tremendous opportunities to people to fulfill their life choices, dreams and aspirations, which are core to our mission.

I look forward to working side by side with each of you to build our great organization which we are all truly blessed to be a part of in some way. Although the system transformation challenges ahead are many and varied, we are uniquely positioned to not only meet those challenges but to exceed them and continue down the path of what has made us the premier human service organization in central New York.