Featured Artist

Throughout the year, featured agency artists have their artwork displayed and are honored at a reception highlighting their work and accomplishments.

Our Featured Artist is Amanda:

Congratulations to our artist, Amanda Chamberlain for winning 1st place at the NYSACRA & New York Alliance for Inclusion & Innovation Annual 2018 Conference Art Exhibit which featured over 200 artists! Amanda is one of our first agency artists who began her art experience in November of 2011 with our Artistic Realization Technologies Program. Starting with the laser system, Amanda has grown with confidence as an artist and over time has become very determined to paint by herself. She first chooses her canvas size and whether she wants to leave it raw or painted. Amanda works with her studio assistant to mix her paints and choose brushes. She is very strategic when coordinating colors and where she wants to paint on her canvas. Her assistants are amazed at the courageous determination she uses to control the tone in her arms to place the paint on the canvas. Amanda utilizes a drop cloth to cover her lap, shoes and her wheelchair, leaving her arms free to paint with her own style. She often will propel her body forward to slap the paint onto the canvas, this is physically demanding for her. When she is finished, Amanda will pause to examine her artwork, laugh jubilantly and say “There, that looks good, I like it! See what I can do by myself!” We are so proud of all of Amanda’s accomplishments and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her!


For more information on Artist of the month, please contact
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