Community Mental Health Residences

Mental Health Residential Services at Upstate Cerebral Palsy promote and encourage the dignity and worth of every person. We believe in recovery from mental illness and are dedicated to providing an environment which empowers each person to maximize individual potential. Community Health and Behavioral Services (CHBS) offers a fully integrated continuum of quality health care.

We have two goals: to assist with the improvement of a person's functional living skills and to promote movement toward living independently in a less restrictive community setting. To meet these goals, we provide a full array of rehabilitative and supportive services. Individuals benefit from programs that provide the level of rehabilitative and supportive services they require.

The George F. Aney Community Residence located in Herkimer, NY, is a living experience designed to teach skills for transition of residents into the community in the least restrictive living setting.

The James H. Bucklin Community Residence located in Little Falls, NY, is also a living experience designed to teach the skills needed for transition into the community in a more independent type of setting.

Both programs are staffed 24 hours a day, providing around-the clock support services. Residents have the option of engaging in activities such as work programs, scholastic studies, volunteer work, support groups or supported or competitive employment. Residents establish their own goals for achievement, which support movement to independent or less restrictive living environments. Staff teach daily living skills, including cooking, cleaning, budgeting, personal care, medical care and community living, working side by side with residents. Our goal is to involve residents as active members in the community to enhance the quality of their lives.

In addition, short term respite living opportunities are available for those in need. This is a safe, supportive, home environment, supervised by professional staff for adults who are diagnosed with a mental illness who may benefit from a temporary stay in a group setting.


For more information on adult mental health services, please contact:
Elizabeth Pritchard, Director of Mental Health Services, at (315) 866-2863 ext. 103 or