Tradewinds Boilermaker Training Update

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As we move into the month of April, there are a lot of exciting updates regarding our Boilermaker team!

Each week, we have been gradually increasing the distance of our training runs. We recently made it all the way up to running one mile straight, which is extremely encouraging. As we continue to increase our running distances, one of the biggest challenges our students face has been believing that they really can push through a longer run. For example, all of the students were able to run one half of a mile without stopping to walk, however, during our recent one mile run, a couple of students stopped to walk in anticipation of the longer run. Despite the challenges, our team is dedicated to progress and working together to push ourselves to new limits.

Another exciting aspect of this project has been the students who have been training with us simply out of the desire to exercise. We have opened this running club up to anyone in the school who would like to participate in the training runs - After all, the more the merrier! The students are eager to participate on every running day that we have, and there are a couple of individuals who very well might end up being ready for the Boilermaker. We are going to continue to monitor these students’ progress. This endeavor is something that our students have never experienced before in their young lives. To succeed during these runs, they must continue to communicate, and continue to be engaged with their team.

One of the students’ favorite aspects of this project so far has been showing off their new kicks from The Sneaker Store. The shoes are durable, vibrant, and well-suited to each individual student. We are beyond thankful for the part that The Sneaker Store has played in this teams’ success, and are excited to continue working with them as time goes on. We are always seeking partnerships with local organizations and businesses to help us provide our students with inclusive and integrated opportunities in our community. Organizations like The Sneaker Store and the Boilermaker are what help to open up opportunities for all individuals, not just the majority. Their dedication to inclusivity is inspiring.

The health benefits of running are vast and evidence-based. Improvements in physical health, greater retention of information and vocabulary, and decreases in anxiety are just a few of the many findings that have been linked to running. Certainly, this Boilermaker project is geared towards giving our students an unforgettable opportunity where they can become engaged in their community. However, our mission reaches beyond an isolated experience. Our mission is to promote wellness in many areas of life, and to instill a spirit of confidence that will allow these students to achieve everything they hope to achieve.

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