Self Direction

People receiving services from Upstate Cerebral Palsy have unique interests, hobbies and preferences. Our goal is to offer you greater independence through creating your own unique service plan with Individualized Life Span Transition Planning and Self Directed Services.

Life Span Transition Planning

Staff work with you or your family member to develop personalized plans that help you to achieve your goals. Life Span Transition Planning is offered to support you with major life events, which include the transition from attending school to a work environment or from living in a group residence to living independently in an apartment setting.

Self Direction

Self Direction helps you or your loved one to plan and access services through an annual budget designed to meet your individualized needs. With the support of your planning team you can either self hire your direct care staff or you can access Upstate Cerebral Palsy supported services for Respite, Community Habilitation and employment. The program allows you to control your budget as well as to hire, schedule and supervise your support team. You are empowered to choose the mix of supports and services that work best, how and when they are provided and the staff that provides them.

For more information about transition planning and self direction, please contact

Stephanie Richard, Assistant Director of Community Services at (315) 749-3341 or