Believe… in the power of family

Morgan and Jessica Harris
The Harris’ took comfort in knowing that their daughters would receive the highest level of nurturing at Tradewinds.

Looking into the eyes of their beautiful daughters, the Harris family is continually reminded of the power of family. Their 15-year-old triplets, Allie, Morgan and Jessica, were born with differing degrees of autism. Their current success is a culmination of the commitment of their parents and the dedicated staff at Upstate Cerebral Palsy, who embraced the girls and continues to encourage them to achieve their personal goals.

While raising their three daughters and son, the Harris’ soon realized that Morgan and Jessica required a level of care beyond which they were able to provide in their home, and thus searched for a program that could meet the girls’ complex behavioral and developmental needs through more hands on care and personalized services. Like all devoted parents, they wanted the absolute best for their children. Their search led them to the Tradewinds Education Center of Upstate Cerebral Palsy, where Morgan and Jessica are currently living and attending school. The Harris’ took comfort in knowing that their daughters would receive the highest level of nurturing at Tradewinds, supported by staff specially trained in working with individuals with differing abilities.

Although they are away from their parents and other siblings, Morgan & Jessica have found a new ‘family’ in the students and staff of the Tradewinds program. The relationships and supportive environment of their home away from home have enabled both of them to continue to thrive. Both girls are making huge strides academically and socially every day. Morgan is proudly learning multiple languages and enthusiastically wakes up every morning to make her own lunch for school. Jessica, who is predominantly nonverbal, loves to listen to music and has recently said ‘mommy’ for the first time. The Harris family devotedly visits their daughters and remains active and involved in their lives. They are proud of the independent and strong young women Morgan and Jessica have become, thanks in large part to the support they have received from their family at Upstate Cerebral Palsy.

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