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Hunter's Story

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His parents watched him fight for his life and win. He is their miracle.

Four year old Hunter Gruby-DeRocha was born six weeks premature with a heart murmur. His parents watched him fight for his life and win. He is their miracle. His tenacious spirit is one of his greatest gifts and he constantly draws upon that strength to help him face challenges each day. Around his second birthday, Hunter’s parents began to notice the he wasn’t reaching significant developmental milestones. His family wanted nothing more for him than to have a happy and successful life.

Hunter joined the Upstate Cerebral Palsy family and was immediately welcomed into the New Discoveries Learning Center. Although he presented physical and verbal delays, the team could see right away that his strong and determined attitude would promote his progress and growth. With the devotion of his parents, the determination and encouragement of the staff and Hunter’s steadfast attitude, he has not only reached his goals, but exceeded them.

Hunter takes great pride in reading and recognizing his letters and words and enthusiastically recites the alphabet. He loves being outdoors and can be found happily running, jumping, swimming or even horseback riding at the Root Farm of Upstate Cerebral Palsy. He is known at school for being a very caring and loving young boy and always helps others without being asked. Hunter’s courageous spirit and his infectious smile are reminders to his parents and teachers alike that miracles really do happen every day.

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