Boilermaker Miracle Runners!

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As a Miracle Runner, you will be helping my son to enjoy riding a bike like any other child...and for that I am truly thankful."

Looking to make a difference for the 2016 Boilermaker Road Race? 

Donate to One of Our "Miracle Runners" today to help support children at Upstate Cerebral Palsy!


As a 2016 Upstate Cerebral Palsy Miracle Runner, you are a part of a team of ten runners raising money for children and adults with differing abilities.  Your support will help our youngest children experience the outdoors and live active lives. Many of our children are unable to ride a traditional bicycle, so a portion of your funds will make the purchase of adaptive tricycles and helmets possible so that our children are able to enjoy the wonderful experience of riding a bike.

"My son is just thrilled when he sees other children riding bikes, but has never had the opportunity to ride due to challenges with his gait and movement," said a mother of a child in our program.  She continues, "As a Miracle Runner, you will be helping him to have this same experience as the other children and I am truly thankful."

Funds will be also be used to enhance the outdoor exercise experience of school-age children in our Tradewinds Education Center.  Our children often face challenges in their mobility and thus in their ability to enjoy the outdoors and stay active.  As a miracle runner you play a significant role in the purchase of adaptive exercise equipment for the Tradewinds Sensory Trail. This Sensory Trail allows our students and staff to enjoy nature and be outside the classroom. Specifically selected plants stimulate their senses and they can also exercise at the various stations along the trail.  The physical fitness zones would be enhanced with this exercise equipment, ultimately benefiting the health and well being of all of our children. 

Create miracles for children at Upstate Cerebral Palsy!
Call Haley at (315) 724-6907 ext. 2278 or email for more information.


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