Cerebral Palsy Association

The Cerebral Palsy Association generates community resources to support the programs and services of Upstate Cerebral Palsy. Community support was a significant part of the commitment of the families who founded this organization in 1950 and continues to play a very significant role in supporting our children and adults today.

2016 Board of Directors:

Lenora Murad - President
Joan Grande - Vice President
Cathy Newell -Treasurer
Sabrina Arcuri – Secretary

Wendy Aiello
Estelle Caruso
Nancy Corelli
Dr. Valerie Garramone
Carolyn Hund
Cindy McLean
Cindy Reed
Donna Rocci
Bonnie Woods
Kathy Hartnett – Executive Director



For more information on the Cerebral Palsy Association, please contact
Kathy Hartnett, Executive Director, at (315) 738-0794 ext. 224.